Dangerous Devices

“Robert Colville, author of a new book on the increasing speed of modern life, The Great Acceleration, refers to people’s behaviour with mobile devices as less multitasking than hummingbird-like.”Excerpted from the “Technology Slaves”.

The author goes on to put this new trend in historical perspective with the long line of previous innovations like – back in Plato’s time – writing!

Yet the author’s bottom line is not satisfying. I do believe that he should have followed where he was going with the quote I excerpted. I believe texting and “selfieing” and always being tethered to a device seriously hinders the ability – no, even the desire – to nurture independent, deep-rooted thought. This is why there is so much more heat than light in the current social spheres. It is much easier to vent emotion than to express thought. Our very devices that give us so much information also, it we are not careful, rob us of the wisdom to use that information.

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