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Rethinking Don Preston’s Corporate Resurrection

If there was no physical translating of the living saints on AD70, as Preston et al insist, then we have some troublesome scenarios. But first a little background. The Nature of the Rapture I believe that both dispensational futurists and … Continue reading

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​There may well be more interpretations than there are weeks to this prophecy of Daniel 9:24– 27. While many different views have been around for a number of centuries the consensus of orthodox Christianity, until recent times at least, has … Continue reading

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A Puzzle Piece Falls in Place

Every once in a while some major piece of the Bible puzzle seems to come into place, and it is always exciting when it does. This is what had happened to me with Daniel 9. But please don’t mistake candor … Continue reading

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History of an Error: Wrong dates can lead to Bad Theology

This post is helpful background to understanding a certain error that has crept into modern eschatology. A seemingly trivial point actually has profound Christological application. But before we get to the application, the error has to be corrected. This article … Continue reading

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