I believe that there are overreactions and distortions on both ends of the spectrum when it comes to President Trump and his recent press conference. Very often the ones who criticize Trump make false claims like “Trump urges people to inject or drink bleach”. Well, he did not say that. There are many people who comb his comments and tweets for ammunition. Two people I know of in the last month got their “ammunition” from a satire, thinking their quote was legit.

But there are also those on the other side who look at him through some sort of rosy glasses. They rush to his defence when he speaks inadvisedly – which he often does. I have noticed that very few defenders of Trump mentioned his pointing to his head, implying that he has a certain level of competence in the present matter. They just leave that out.

We do not live in a two-dimensional, black-and-white world. Our leaders are not either total idiots or gifts from God. I just wish we could get away from just shoving every issue into just two drawrs – democrat or republican, liberal or conservative. The world is more nuanced than that. Many shades between white and black.

I do not like President Trump. I think he is a demagogue and uses many Christians for his own gains. I think he is reckless and impulsive. But I think he is only the latest in a recent string of disappointing presidents.

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