Covid Aftermath

I have been thinking about what kind of a world we have after this present epidemic has passed. Surely it will not be the same as before. There are already great changes in the economies around the world. Some businesses are no longer able to cope with the severe impact of quarantines and interruptions in the chain of supply. Service industries also are seriously shaken. Many have lost or will soon lose their jobs, further putting strain on the economy.

But many leaders of countries and corporations are more immune to these changes. Some even are benefiting, partly because they have more resources to weather hardships. . The Russian proverb puts it this way.

«Толстяк худеет, а худой умирает»

“By the time the fat man is thin, the thin man is dead.”

What kind of changes do you envision? Whatever the changes that come our way the God who is above it all does not change. His promises do not change. Those who know Him are infinitely more blessed than the unbelieving “fat man” who has only his wealth and, ephemeral blessings, and superficial connections to shield him from the upheaval of the end of his world.


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