Eschatology Agnostics

Many students of the Bible seem to have given up on the very possibility of ever understanding the topic of eschatology – or what is assumed to be eschatology.

This is unfortunate, because it assures that they will have no breakthrough in these truths. And it also makes certain that they will not recognize any new, possibly valid truth that may come from others.

“I can’t figure it out, so anything you supposedly found must also be doubtful.”

This impasse has even been given a name: Pan-Tribbism. “What ever pans out is OK”.

Is this what God wants? One fourth of the Bible has to do with prophecy. That is a large percentage to write off as unknowable.

How do we get past this impasse? Are you sitting down? This may shock you. Read your Bible and pray. It is that simple. The impasse comes only when people have their commentaries closer to them than their Bibles. And the confusion comes when we accept the conclusions of others as our own.

Remember this:
God is not the author of confusion.
God Is the author of the Bible.
The confused are not reading their Bibles!

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